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tv   America Live  FOX News  April 18, 2013 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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from their eyes. >> i get teary eyed sports events on a regular basis when we sing it. >> jon: wow, and that was -- what a particularly meaningful and moving one last night. >> well said. true. >> jon: all right. thank you for joining us today. >> "america live" starts right now. >> fox news alert, very busy day here on "america live" as we track a pair of major developing stories. welcome, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. first to texas. federal and local authorities are investigating a catastrophic and deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant in the city of west. the actual explosion caught on amateur video. take a listen as one man and his child watch a fire turn into something much, much worse. >>
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[explosion] >> are you okay? >> i can't hear. i can't hear. get out of here. please get out of here. >> oh my god. >> please get out of here. please get out of here. oh my god. dad, please get out of here. i can't hear. [bleep] >> i can't hear anything. >> oh my god. >> megyn: wow, can you hear that young child crying out begging father to leave the scene. authorities are saying several people have died and another 160 or so people are reported injured. at this hour we are following new developments in boston as well where the investigation is rapidly moving forward. we are learning details about a battery, apparently
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used to power one of the bombs and getting new information on the search for those responsible. plus, we will take to you capitol hill where attorney general eric holder is now set to testify for the first time since the marathon bombing. ghawfn a moment, texas first. casey stegall is standing by live in the city of west. casey? >> yeah, megyn. and right now they are still not letting members of the press any closer to the site of this bomb blast. so we remain here at the media staging area. we want to tell you that officials here on the ground have told us they have made their preliminary sweeps of all of the homes and all of the businesses inside that large blast zone. we can tell that you no reports, additional reports of any survivors but on the flip side, no reports of any additional fatalities as well what they are doing right now as we speak. going back through this five block area around the fertilizer plant and combing through the rubble again. canine units are now being used to help.
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this is still classified as a search and rescue operation atf officials are on their way to the small farming community to lead the investigation and figure out what caused the initial fire you saw in the amateur video and then that dramatic blast. the concussion could be felt some 80 miles away in parts of dallas. can you believe it? one woman who lives nearby explained in great detail what her neighborhood looked like after it was over. >> i don't have any windows in my home. the door was blown down. luckily my kids are safe. and i had the car keys in my hand and we got out of there. there is no windows downtown. there was cars that were in -- trying to get to where they were going and all the windows were blown out. >> more than 160 people taken to area hospitals for injuries ranging from broken bones to respiratory problems because of a toxic
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plume that was blowing around here as this thing was burning. the fertilizer plant cited 2006 by a state environmental agency for failing to obtain or qualify for a permit as of this hour. four volunteer firefighters, four still remain unaccounted for, megyn, a handful of reports are now surfacing that there has been some looting going on. so a very heavy police presence here. keeping people back and watching this very, very closely, megyn. >> megyn: wow, the number of injured is approaching the number injured in boston on monday, which is eerie in and of itself. >> right. >> megyn: thank you for the chilling video out of texas today. new details coming out in boston as well. in connection with with the boston marathon bombings. we have just learned from the chairman of the house homeland security committee that some of the forensic information from the bomb scene could be in
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washington why today. there is still no suspect in custody. homeland security says the fbi wants to speak with some individuals seen in the video from the bombing seen. this picture illustrates the short distance between the surveillance cameras and where the second bomb went off, roughly about 200 feet. our own rick leventhal is live about a mile away at the cathedral from the holly cross where president obama spoke earlier at a memorial service for the victims. rick? >> and megyn, we haven't heard an update on the investigation from the fbi since tuesday. but today we heard from homeland security secretary janet napolitano who cautioned that this isn't a tv crime show where incidents are solved in an hour but she confirmed that investigators are very carefully looking at photos and video clips from personal phones, tv footage and surveillance cameras and that footage according to other sources clearly shows suspect placing one of the scene gf explodes. the secretary though
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tampered expectations. >> there is some video that has raised the question of those that the fbi would like to speak with. i wouldn't characterize them as suspects under the technical term. but we need the public's help in locating these individuals. >> and today here at the cathedral of the holy cross. the president and first lady and numerous dignitaries gathered for a service it to help this city heal. paying tribute to victims and first responders paying comfort to a suffering city. the president saying we have come together to pray and mourn and reclaim boston's state of grace. >> i'm here today on behalf of the american people with a simple message. every one of us has been touched by this attack on your beloved city every one of us stands with you.
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because after all, it's our beloved city, too. the president says the american spirit remains strong. boston will rise and run again. the people responsible will be caught and will face justice, megan. >> rick leventhal. thank you. as rick just reported the fbi is using special facial recognition software as it poors over hundreds perhaps more photographs and surveillance tapes trying to identify the person or people responsible for this attack. the sophisticated technology may be the most powerful tool they have to help put a anytime face trace galt gear live in our west coast newsroom to explain how it works. >> while the debate goes on, megyn, on whether to release the surveillance pictures of potential suspects. we can tell you that authorities are saying that they are, quote, pretty clear of the man's face. pretty compelling stuff they say. and it appears to be a younger man. so let me show you how this facial recognition technology works. it's all about measuring
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the facial features. for example, the eye socket depth, cheekbone shape, the distance between the eyes, the nose width and the jaw line length. they take all these numbers and come up with numerical code or facial print. not the size of a fingerprint but still very very close. e tter of picture, clearly the better chance they hav matching it now, what happens is in mo cases, in fact we use an intern, let's show this video if you are just trying to identify the person is who they say they are that process is simple. take the person's driver's license. take a picture of them, facial code and match them up, bingo. in the case of the boston suspects, what's going to happen is they need to run those suspect's facial features through a data base. the department of motor vehicl, passports, internet pictures, and the like to try to come up with the code to try to match them and then what happens is they use this, come back
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to the white board here, each potential match is given a score. so, out of all the data base. they give you a score when they come up with several matches, the higher the score, the closer the match, and that's how they begin to process of elimination. almost always using 3-d software now megyn sometimes they're using skin texture as well to come up with a match on this the technology has come leaps a bounds in recent years. if they decide to release these surveillance pictures to the public, then you have millions of detectives that can help them with their facial recognition to maybe put a face to the suspect. >> megyn: wow, that is fascinating. much more on that with investigators in just a bit right here. trace, thank you. as we mentioned a moment ago, some the forensic information from the boston bomb scene, some of the, you know, bomb fragments and so on that they have been processing, we are now told could be in washington by today. the very latest is that
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some of that forensic information should come back today and they may have some of the signatures from the equipment. up next, we will speak with the house homeland security chair, congressman michael mccall who has released that fact and he is also someone who is receiving constant updates from the fbi. we will find out exactly what we know at this point in the investigation. and later on, we will look at how a growing sense of anger is being replaced or at least supplemented with the surging sense of patriotism, love of country and our fellow american citizens in this country. we have a powerful panel made up of folks who turned their own losses in the wa of the attacks on september 11th into their life's mission in some very different ways. they will put some perspective for us on how these terrorists undestimated us. plus, we will bring you the very latest on the man now arrested for sending poison, tainted letters to president obama and at least one other lawmaker. see what we know about this
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what's your policy? >> megyn: fox news alert. new video from the texas city of west. rescue teams searching the rubble after a massive explosion that killed as many as 15 people and injured more than 160 others. although those numbers may change. texas governor rick perry is calling the deadly explosion in his state a quote truly nightmare scenario. he warned that the number of dead and injured could go higher. we are awaiting testimony
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from eric holder on capitol hill. this will be his first public testimony since the deadly boston bombings, meanwhile next guest tells fox news some of the forensic information from the scene of those bombings could be in washington by today. here is that picture we showed you earlier of the site the lord and taylor surveillance camera, police had been looking at some of that tape and where the second bomb went off. republican congressman michael mccall of texas is chairman of the house homeland security commit. mr. chairman, thank you so much for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> megyn: i want to start with that information that had you said some of the forensic information should come back today and they may have some of the signatures from the equipment. can you clarify what that means? >> well possibly as early as today it's down at quantico being examined for forensics. there are tracers in the gunpowder, the pellets themselves, the ball bearings can be traced to the manufacturer and then the device itself actually would have a serial number
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that they can trace back to the manufacturer. from there they can determine where it came from possibly who purchased it and execute search warrants from there which would hopefully turn up the terrorists. i would say at this point the explosive device itself is probably the best evidence that we have had who did it, yeah. there was much confusion among the news outlets and others whether an arrest had been made or not where do you believe in terms of where we stand today in terms of identifying a quote suspect? >> i came out early yesterday, after i had information from the justice department that that was not accurate information that was being reported i think by cnn. and basically stopped false story from perpetuating. i asked janet napolitano this morning on the homeland security committee if she was aware of anybody, in custody who is a suspect in this bombing and she said no, there is
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not that's been confirmed. the next best evidence we have quite frankly are the surveillance camera videos from lord and taylor and some of the videos that private citizens are turning in. many. i believe they are getting very close to identifying on film the two or more suspects that possibly would have been involved with the bombing. when that does occur, i would anticipate the fbi would release those photos to the general public so that they can possibly identify them i want to parse the language you just used there. you personally believe they may be close to identifying the two or more suspects identified on the tapes do you believe that there are two or more suspects that they are looking at in this case? >> i believe there are probably at least two. i don't have confirmation of that information. but just as a former federal prosecutor and with the evidence i have seen thus far, not evidence but
10:18 am
the information that i have seen, that would be my conjecture. >> megyn: janet napolitano spoke more broadly about individuals, plural, seen on the tapes that they would like to have more information on, that they would like to talk to, leaving it open for us to speculate about whether she is talking about suspects or just people who were standing there who might have seen somebody or seen some thing. do you have any more specific information in terms of forget individuals but actual suspects or persons of interest? we're talking about at least two with respect to the videos and the pictures, i do think they are reviewing all these photos to make sure they get it right. the last thing they want to do is release photos of individuals that may not be possible suspects in my judgment, that's probably where the fbi is with this information. we did have the saudi lead and that turned as i i have been told not to pan out.
10:19 am
i have not been aware of any other specific leads in this case which, as you know. me as a prosecutor first 24 hours are important. first 24 goes by it gets colder. the fbi is gaining growing optimism with respect to what they are seeing on the videotapes and hopefully with the forensics that will come out shortly on the explosive device i respect there are some things you can disclose to us and some you cannot. if i am pushing you, feel free to tell me that if i'm not, i want to follow up because it's an important point about do you believe or have you been told that they, in terms of suspects or persons of interest, we're talking about at least two people? >> i think that's the issue. are they truly suspects? i think there are pictures that have been floated around being reviewed and annualized. you hit the nail on the head. that is the true issue.
10:20 am
as they examine this video footage and the pictures, are they true suspects in this bombing case? they havtoe careful here. big high profile case. last thing they want to do is release photos of people who are innocent bystanders. >> megyn: they are in a tough position because be of help to them and yet once you release an actual photograph a say is this -- that person's life is changed forever. we all remember what happened to richard giuliani in the wake of the atlanta bombings in the atlanta olympics. do you believe they will release a photograph or surveillan video of somebody at some point today or tomorrow? >> i can't tell you the timing, but i do believe they will release a photograph. >> remember suspect is a legal term. as a prosecutor, you have to be righon this. or you are going to jeopardize your prosecution. so, they have to legally look at is this truly a
10:21 am
suspect, make that legal termination brf they release any photos. >> megyn: putting names on the faces on these videotapes? >> that i cannot tell you. we can do a lot with biometrics. i know that somehe footage is sort of grainy. but, you know, the great thing in this modern day of cell phones and people are taking picre everywhere if anybody does have pictures of the scene to turn those into the fbi will be extremely helpful in this iestigation. >> megyn: before i let you go i have a hard break in 30 seconds. the incident in texas you say it's incident instead of terror right now. >> yes. my heart goes out to the fellow texans and the families and victims. did i talk to the director
10:22 am
of the department of public safety who confirmed to me it was their belief this was an accident, work place cint. >> megyn: chairman, thank you so much for being here. don't go away. much more after the break. when you have diabetes...
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>> megyn: fler development on yesterday's breaking news. a federal lab has now confirmed that it was, in fact, ricin that was sent to mississippi senator roger wicker thisee the same poison investigators think was sent to president obama. neither lawmaker got anywhere nr the letters, which were intercepted long before they got to them. a suspect has been now and the charge is sending -- actually, the charge, we're told was something having to do with threatening the president
10:26 am
initially we thought he would be charged with more and perhaps he will be but the man, paul kevin curtis is no stranger to the fbi 45-year-old who moan lutes as elvis impersonators. putting him on the in on the lines of secret war. live in mississippi with more details, john? the initial appearance for kevin curtis wrapped up. we got breaking news listening in on conversations between the u.s. attorneys and the judge saying that there may, and i stress may still be a fourth letter out there they are not quite clear about that at this point. they tell the judge there may be a fourth letter out there. in terms of the suspect, kevin curtis and the charges he faces. he does face athletic the life of the president. we thought initially he may face more serious charges. use of a weapon of mass destruction and terrorism. it looks like they didn't throw that book at him but
10:27 am
he does face potential 15 years in prison for his action sitting if he table with his attorney christie mccoy we heard him say quote i would never be involved in that sending these letters. we know is he a musician around mississippi. elvis impersonators played at several events including events for politician. a candidate in tupelo. may have played at an event for senator i wicker. he also subscribes to a conspiracy theory that he uncovered in 1999 in which the mississippi medical center involved in the trafficking of body parts. of course, the medical center denies that. he tried repeatedly over years to get people to listen to him. including sending letters to then state representative roger wicker, then senator trent lot as well as senator thad cochran. no one would livable to him it appears as though he upped the opportunity sand upped his attempts to get people to listen to him. the fbi currently at
10:28 am
curtis' home in corinth, mississippi, in the northern part of the state right along the border with tennessee, just a stone's throw down the road from memphis where these letters were mailed. going through the white house a fine tooth comb wearing appropriate gear because deadly ricin was found in those letters. the fbi trying to find out what the source of that ricin may be. also, other questions, if, in fact, curtis did do, this why did his letter writing campaign suddenly turn into something more sinister, new contents from those letters received by the president at least the mail facility, as well as sent to senator wicker and as well sent to a judge, a state judge in tupelo mississippi sadie holin all said, quote, no one wanted to listen to me before. there are still missing pieces. talking about the body parts and also a reference to an online book that curtis wrote under the same title "maybe i have your attention now even if that means someone must die.
10:29 am
the next court appearance is for curtis is tomorrow. bond hearing. unlikely that the person in his situation would make bond. >> megyn: john, thank you. how does a guy like this wind up getting his hands in ricin putting it in the mail to at least three officials including the president of the united states, a u.s. senator and the mother of a mississippi judge. we will speak to an expert on exactly this type of issue, bioterrorism coming up in just a bit. also, an angry president obama lashes out at the nation's top gun lobby in the wake of the defeat of a new gun bill. is that group really to blame in fair and balanced debate on the charges leveled by the white house yesterday. this couple's personal grudge may to be blame for a series of small town killings that put law enforcement on a nationwide high alert. we haven't been updating this case of the texas prosecutors who have been killed because we have been
10:30 am
so focused on everything that's happening there have been major divoms. we will bring them to you. as our nation mourns the despicable attacks on the boston marathon, we are seeing a growing surge of prism o. patriotism in this country. turned their own losses in the wake of the september 11th attacks of a powerful message of strength and hear how they among some others in this country now believe these terrorists messed with the wrong people. >> a little bit earlier in the bobby statute. the name is martin richard. of course martin richard was one of the 8-year-old boy, one of the three who lost his life here on monday. with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day.
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>> megyn: fallout from gun control. white house expressioning new anger after lawmakers rejected key elements of the president's plan. and the bill failed yesterday while we were focused on boston broader background checks, bans on assault weapons all thrown out. the u.s. senate said no, democrats and republicans. late yesterday an angry president obama was joined by some new town family members and mr. obama lashed out at senators and the gun lobby.
10:35 am
>> i have heard folks say having the families of victims lobby for this legislation was so somehow misplaced. a prop somebody called them: emotional blackmail. some outlets said. are they serious? do we really think that thousands of families whose lives have been shattered by gun violence don't have a right to weigh in on this issue? do we think their emotions, their loss is not relevant to this debate? so all in all, this was a pretty shameful day for washington. >> megyn: joining me now alan colmes hosts the alan colmes show and ben ferguson hosts the ben ferguson show through the radio network. the president went on to accuse the nra of willfully lying in order to stop this bill from getting through.
10:36 am
i'm going to get to that in one second let me start with his position on the newtown families. the president seemed to be defending charges that he was using them as a prop. i want to point out to the viewers. the new town families are not unanimous on gun control. i mean, we had heart felt interview with a beautiful father who lost his little boy. and he does not want any more gun control in the wake of newtown. most of the families do. but not all. in any event, i want to start with you on, this alan the president lost on every score. he didn't get the background checks which had been lightened to the fact that they were being mocked by some completely feckless. they couldn't get that through. >> i think the american people loss. the president knew it would be a loss coming. in they didn't have the votes. here is a case of the president standing up for what he believes is the right thing to do. even knowing going in before yesterday they didn't have the votes. sometimes you have to stand up for what's right even if you know the votes aren't
10:37 am
there. and sometimes you have got to stand up where it's right even if you are facing a primary like republicans and democrats did all of whom who voted wrong on this and voted no cowardly because they are too worried about their political future than they are what they really should do what's right for the families of america. >> megyn: as we listened to the president yesterday, ben, it seemed very clear who he thought was to blame for the defeat of these measures. here is the president talking about the nra, listen. , instead of supporting this compromise, the gun lobby and its allies willfulfully lied about the bill. they claim that it would create some sort of big brother gun registry. even though the bill did the opposite. this legislation, in fact, outlawed any registry. plain and simple right there in the text. that didn't matter. >> megyn: can you speak to that charge? >> i think the president has been obsessed with with the nra the entire debate here.
10:38 am
and the reason why he lost yesterday. is because. >> megyn: let me just stop you. can you speak to that specific charge the president saying that the nra and its allies willfulfully lied by claiming that background check system and this bill would create some sort of big brother gun registry? >> i don't think they lied. i think that they said and used, quotes from senators and congressman who openly said that we should have high taxes and we should have a register of guns ryan to believe that on the record congressman and senators democrats who said that's what they wanted. that's exactly what the nra did say. but i think the president, they missed the boat on this. and they let down the families of newtown. and the way they did it was they went for a piece of legislation that would not have affected a school shooting. this school shooting, if this bill would have been in effect would not have in h. any impact on that school shooting. that's where the president lost.
10:39 am
when dianne feinstein came out and said i have got a bill that's been in my desk drawer for years as she put it, that's why they lost because they didn't write a bill that was anything but propaganda for antigun. if they would have written a bill that would have helped keep kids safe at schools, the president probably could have had a bipartisan victory. >> megyn: really? >> they were so obsessed with being antigun. >> megyn: really, alan? i'm not taking a position on this one way or the other. but the advocates of the bill said limit the magazine clips that you could have. limit it from 30 down to 10. and in some instances wanted guns that were already out there certain assault weapons to be banned. fewer support than less impactful measures there was no way to get agreement on those things. >> if they couldn't get agreement on the very weak bill and the aclu which does not want to have registration even said because the aclu is actually on the conservative side of this issue in terms of where the
10:40 am
conservative conservatives stand. >> megyn: they don't like big brother. >> they don't want -- privacy issues. they said this would not lead toe legislation. the nra called registration. they did robo calls to the families of newtown and talked about how they would be disarming the american people. that's also a lie. it's not disarming. >> megyn: i asked him when they came on they said they did general robo calls in connecticut in the wake of. >> they said disarm. >> megyn: i asked him about that because it seemed like a rather insensitive thing to do his response was we just did it on the state of connecticut on the gun legislation. >> he said disarm and nobody is disarming. >> megyn, the core of this issue is the president was so angry yesterday and so frustrated with congress and the reason why, again, he lost this issue is because this was an obsession with gun control and not an obsession with actually fixing a problem with mental health or protecting kids in schools.
10:41 am
and if he would have done that, that's where he could have had bipartisan support. but when you only go after background checks and guns. the background checks would have not outcome on the shootings we have had recently. that's where you lose people in congress. that's why they walked away from the president. including people in his own party. they walked away from it. >> megyn: that last statement is a truism. the background checks that were being proposed would not have prevented anything from happening in newtown. alan. >> that's true. >> megyn: another issue. i want to ask you about this, alan, in the wake of, this we heard the president's anger. and i understand you feel strongly about this, but so do, you know, the people on the other side. david axelrod tweeted out the following no senator who healed today should have the ghoul issue modernful statements the next time gun violence strikes. this suggests if you are
10:42 am
opposed to the president's measures like that newtown father who came on this program, you have no right to express mourning in the wake of future gun violence? what are they doing? >> of course you have a right i don't. agree with that the polls do show that 90% of americans including 85% of gun owners really wanted at leastth background check even this mention this toomey manchin bill. loopholes. you could still sell to friends and family. it didn't in my view do a good enough job background checks. do something. weak bill they couldn't pass that because the nra threatened to put people on list. the nra threatened these senators. >> megyn: the president says this effort is not over. >> steve: haste was on our air earlier saying it's over. what do you think? >> i think it's totally over. i think the president used a lot of political capital. he made a lot of enemies on this issue. he didn't deal with the core of the issues with newtown. people are not listening to him right now. he went all in with an agenda, a political agenda
10:43 am
instead of actually trying to do what politicians are supposed to try to do which is fix a problem when there is an issue. he did not address the issue. he has lost and i'm sorry he lost for everyone. >> megyn: focus now on mental health. steve hayes made another point he believed that folks just didn't believe these promises it will be limited and won't grow because they believe he said some folks believe the president less these days in the wake of obama care turning into something other than what the president promised. >> absolutely. >> megyn: sequestration promises that didn't pan out and so on. interesting thought. thank you both so much. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> megyn: boston bombings, moments ago i interviewed the homeland house security chair who suggested there were probably at least two that the fbi wanted to speak with about these bombings. just ahead, we will speak with one of the fbi agents who worked on the 9/11 investigation about where this is likely headed. and the eyewitness accounts are horrifying after that explosion that literally moved the earth in central texas. we will speak next with one
10:44 am
of the residents who was nearly blown off of his feet. >> i looked around and the debris was just down. everything fell down. the ceiling fell down. the windows blew out. i'm glad and i know that god was there because -- ♪
10:45 am
♪ [ male announcer ] help brazil reduce its overall reliance on foreign imports with the launch of the country's largest petrochemical operation. ♪ when emerson takes up the challenge, "it's never been done before" simply bemes consider it solved. emerson. ♪
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>> my house we just bought last year was 100 yards. >> i can see the injuries on your face. you say you still have glass shards in there. >> they told me at the hospital yeah they have just got to work their way out on their own. >> how are you feeling? >> beat up, it hurts. but i'm alive so i'm happy. i was actually picked up and thrown about 10 feet because i was standing at the end of my dad and then where i landed was by the bathroom about 10 feet closer into the house. >> what did you think hit you? >> i thought lightning at first because it was the bright flash and the thunder and they said there were supposed to be
10:48 am
thunderstorms tonight. when i realized the roof caved in i thought that can't be lightning because lightning wouldn't cause the roof to cave. in i'm breathing so i'm good. that's when survival kicked in and said just get out. >> get out? >> get out and see what's going on. >> what was going on? >> as i was coming out, my neighbor was running to see if i was all right yelling exploded. when he seen me coming out he asked me if i was all right. at that point i didn't think i was injured so i told him yes. my dog ran off down the road. i went to try to get it and that's when blood started running down my glasses where i couldn't see. >> megyn: that poor man. all day we have been hearing stories like that coming out of texas, the city of west. a fertilizer flat -- a fertilizer plant that exploded flattened part of a rural texas town killing as many as 15 people. injuring more than 160 others. that plant went up in flames. and first responders showed up to fight the blaze and
10:49 am
then it exploded. and we showed you some of that tape at the top of the hour. the texas governor warning that the number of dead and injured, look, this is a man who was just flisming -- yeah. [explosion] >> filming the initial blaze and then the explosion came. you can hear the terror between that man and his child. joining me now by phone is sheriff parnell mcnamara. he is the sheriff of that county. thank you for being here. what do we know at this hour in terms of the number of fatalities, still at 15? >> megyn, we are not sure of the number at this time. we have several search and rescue teams that are active right now at the site of the explosion and the surrounding areas. so, later on today, we should know quite a bit more but right now we're in the process of just trying to do the best we can to keep the situation stabilized here so much
10:50 am
devastation. the explosion was extremely powerful it certainly devastate dollars this community. everyone has just pitched in and doing everything that they can to help. that's always the blessing when you see these things. the silver lining people coming together. the damage included 50 to 75 houses. apartment complex with 50 units a middle school, a nursing home that had to evacuate over 100 patients. how did it spread so wide so fast the devastation? >> megyn we really don't know except there was a large amount of fertilizer that blew up. the damage is very extensive. some of the houses and buildings were leveled. there is houses that have received extensive damage that are blocks away. you know, some of them as
10:51 am
far as maybe up to a half a mile away. and. >> megyn: incredible. >> unbelievable the powerful of that explosion. >> you say it looks like a war zone. we will continue to watch it. sheriff, thank you. >> very sad.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
>> fox news alert. we are awaiting a news conference for authorities in coffman county, texas, who have been investigating the mysterious murders of two prosecutors and the wife of a prosecutor. and there has been a big development in this case. police have now charged a former justice of the peace and his wife with capital murder. the wife apparently pointed finger at her husband. she was arrested first and then admitted to driving the get away car. investigators say the pair gunned down a district attorney and his wife at home last month. and also killed an assistant d.a. back in january. we are told all of this could have been brought on
10:55 am
by a work place grudge. trace gallagher has more live in our west coast newsroom. trace? >> so now they are calling it a local grudge, megyn. remember, they were looking at mexican drug cartels and whited supremacist groups and now they believe that the district attorney mike mcclelland his wife cynthia were now shot and killed by former justice of the peace one-time police officer and lawyer eric williams and his wife kim. now, according to the affidavit, kim, not only said that her husband was the gunman and that she drove the car, but also gave them some precise details that had not yet been made public. the alleged get away car that resembled an unmarked police car and some 20 guns were found in a storage shed last weekend. the contents of the shed belonged to the williams. now, eric williams was once a high profile lawyer and newly elected justice of the peace. when he was convicted of stealing three computer terminals from a county building. worth less than $1,500. mark hasy and mike
10:56 am
mcclelland handled the case. williams claimed they tampered with evidence and after the trial both hasy and mcclelland began carrying a gun. eric williams' lawyer denies that he is involved in any of this. and he has yet to be charged. you mentioned that news conference begins in 30 minutes. we expect charges will be filed at that time. >> megyn: wow. thank you. the chairman of the house homeland security committee telling me a short time ago that he believes homeland security wants to talk to at least two people in connection with this boston bombing. in moments we hope to find out more on the investigation when the attorney general of the united states testifies on capitol hill.ok muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve,
10:57 am
and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge! before i do any projects on on my at angie's list, you'll find reviews written by people just like you. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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10:59 am
11:00 am
>> megyn: fox news alert capitol hill now. moments from now the nation's top attorney is expected to take tough questions from lawmakers in the wake of the boston marathon attack. attorney general eric holder our top law enforcement officer testifying before a house subcommittee in moments. these will be his first public comments since the bombings and there will be a lot of questions that folks would like answers to. brand new "america live" welcome, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. earlier today hearing janet knap said this investigation is moving steadily forward. and she reiterated the need for the public's help with photos and videos from boston this past monday. so far those photos have helped the fbi narrow their search and there are individuals that investigators would like to
11:01 am
--ak with, ms. knap that poll tan neigh confirmed that fact. the house of the homeland security committee say the feds want to talk to two people and that the fbi will likely release photos for the public's help, asking for the public's help. once they know which pictures they want to go with. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has been doing some digging. she joins us live now from washington. catherine? >> that's right, megyn. we are waiting for that house hearing where we will hear from the attorney general. in the meantime, in addition to the video and still images, an investigative source tells fox news that there is, quote, a significant social media footprint on the bombings providing new rides for investigators. we're told more than 30,000 social media messages were collected within a one mile radius of the finish line from 24 hours before to 24 hours after the explosions with twitter and facebook lighting up after the attack. the social media generated what are called link analysis charts which show the relationship between
11:02 am
social media messages that met investigative criteria. fox news was told that investigative criteria included messages that seemed out-of-place or even coded with the results being provided agencies leading the case. fox news has also told that the battery that's been recovered is of investigative interest. and while the manufacturer says it's extremely common, tens of thousands are sold every year the battery is most often found in radio controlled toys. rather than purchase a battery pack with a dozen or so double a's or a.a.a.'s from a drugstore or home hardware store. the bomb maker chose to go an extra step to purchase an item, withdraw the battery and use it as a power source. fox news understands that there are at least two individuals the fbi wants to identify and talk to in connection with to the investigation. fox news confirmed that the feds possess at least one image that shows a young man who may be dropping a bag near the blast site in boston. on the hill earlier today secretary napolitano defended the pace of the investigation. >> the investigation is
11:03 am
proceeding a pace and it just, you know, this is not an ncis episode. sometimes you have to take time to properly, you know, put the chain together to identify the perpetrators. but everyone is committed to seeing that that gets done in the right way. >> megyn: in the last hour in your broadcast, megyn. the chairman of the house homeland security committee also confirming that investigators are able to identify a serial number on that pressure cooker and that there are trace elements in the explosives. we discussed this earlier this week. put in there specifically so that they can take that explosive residue and link it back to the manufacturer of that pattern that can give a time reference on when it was purchased, megyn. >> yeah. he was saying that that guys will wind up being the best evidence they have. >> correct. >> megyn: catherine, thanks so much. as we wait to hear from the attorney general, let's find out on what investigators are focusing on right now with that forensic evidence. arriving at the fbi crime lab in quantico.
11:04 am
steve emerson is the founder of the investigative project on terrorism. and dan vogel is a former fbi agent and profiler. dan, let me start with you on this as we learn now that this information is going to go back to quantico and that you heard the homeland security committee chair say he believes that this is going to be the best evidence they have. your thoughts on it. >> well, if we're talking about the profiling information, i think certainly that will be part of the investigation. but, more importantly, i think the information that's being gathered from cameras and video from throughout the area is going to be extremely important. >> megyn: they are going through that now. before i get to steve did i ask chairman mccall about that i asked him about his statement which was eye personally believe they're very close to identifying on film the two or more suspects that could possibly be involved in the bombing. the fbi how would they be
11:05 am
going about that right now. >> well, with the new technology, i was on the way here i was listening to a radio program that was featuring a professor of computer science. and he was explaining that they now have the capability of reviewing thousands and thousands of documents, photos, and they can look for faces through face recognition. they can also look for pattern recognition. so that obviously will be used in this case. >> >> megyn: um-huh. when you were profiling for the bureau. was it done without that technology? in other words, if nothing comes up from that technology, do we have an old fashioned shoe leather way of getting to match names with faces? >> yes. that was the problem when i was working terrorism in los angeles back in the 1980s, we did not have cell phones. we did not have any of the technology that we have now. obviously it made our job
11:06 am
much more difficult. but, with the technology that's available now, i think that the investigation will make great strides in the days ahead. >> megyn: steve, chairman mccall was saying that he he does believe that they will put the information out. whether they do identify the two people on the film. he believes at that point they would release the photos to the general public. so they could help. i mean, when they they identify the people that they believe are of interest, then they will release them, he thinks. although there has been debate about whether the fbi will release these photos to the public. your thoughts? >> well, initially, i thought that they didn't want to release them. that they did want to release them and that's why they were going to hold the press conference yesterday which they cancelled. the best way of getting recognition especially if it's not a frontal shot that they can use biometrics software with is get the public involved and plaster the television all over the television and
11:07 am
internet and have a press conference and say do you know these people? they probably want to protect their privacy because they don't know at this point whether they are involved. so he they're trying to figure out other ways of showing the picture to small numbers of people and not necessarily connect them forensically to the investigation at this point until they actually have met them and interviewed them. >> megyn: that's the thing, steve, because i mentioned this to chairman mccaul you don't want to wind up in a situation like we had with richard giuliani after the 1996 olympic belongings where his face was put out there and he was tarred with having committed that crime and he didn't. and if the fbi puts out a picture of a guy or two guys from the boston marathon site. bombing site on monday and does: do you know who this is? there is going to be rush to judgment. >> right there. will be a rush to judgment. and, you know, rip station -- reputation could linger. phrase it in such a way that we don't know whether they're involved. we would just like your
11:08 am
help in identifying them. will you come forward? i mean, these people themselves might not even be known that they're being looked for at this point. so, i mean, that's why i think they are sort of stuck in a bit of a difficult situation again with catherine herridge's reports about the forensic data about the bomb itself being now discovered in terms of certain numbers and the battery and if the possibility exist that they can contact these individuals, that they caught on film, i think there is a great possibility they could solve. this of course, there is also the possibility that the forensics won't really lead them anywhere if they don't have the suspects that they can talk to. >> megyn: we had an expert on yesterday, a former fbi bomb maker and, you know, bomb expert who said d.n.a. stays on these bomb fragments and there was one case in which a bomb fragment was returned to him and the perpetrators' eye lash was on it. the eye lash stayed on a part of the bomb despite the blast and they ran it
11:09 am
through the system and they got a hit and the guy was in some jail and they found him. so, you know, d.n.a. can prove really critical on these fragments. i want to ask you, dan, back to the pictures, you know, and their debate internally at the fbi about whether to release them or not. is there any reason not to release them other than the concern of a rush to judgment? >> i think that with the technology that we have available, i think we need to be very cautious about releasing photographs too soon because there is a lot of things that can be done before the photographs are released to the public. and the big concern is the fact that, you know, this needs to be a person of interest. and if this is not a person of interest, you know, you are causing major problems for the individual whose photo is shown. >> um-huh. and then you are going to get a flood of phone calls that may be helpful and may just be a big waste of time. >> that's the other issue
11:10 am
is, you know, when you do release photographs, you are going to get thousands and thousands of phone calls and you have to deal with those phone calls, obviously. and so, you know, that's another consideration in releasing photographs or too soon in an investigation. >> megyn: yeah. before i get you go. steve, are you hearing anything from your law enforcement contacts today about where they stand in terms of identifying actual faces or names? >> what i'm hearing is they still have not identified faces yet. that the photos were good but they were obscured. they weren't were not frontal photos. they were side photos. number two, you made a good point about d.n.a. but that would only succeed if they had another match at the other end. so if they didn't have another match in the system, that means they didn't -- the per at the had never been caught before and never been d.n.a.d before, then the d.n.a. they caught on the bomb itself would actually not be helpful.
11:11 am
>> megyn: wow, they have a lot to do and a big responsibility. gentlemen, thank you so much for being here. >> you are welcome. >> thank you. >> megyn: we are following the breaking news in texas at this hour where we got an update on the search for survivors and the concern that some people may be alive right now and trapped under the rubble in the wake of that massive explosion at a fertilizer plant last night. and as people announced that they have a police announce that they have arrested the man who sent boifn-laced letters to president obama and others o, we will ask a medical expert a bioterrorism expert next to explain what this poison really is and how some elvis impersonator could get his hands on it and just drop it in the mail. plus, emerging today from the tragedy of the boston marathon bombing, inspiring examples of american operatism. panel who turned devastating losses from 9/11 into a show of american strength.
11:12 am
>> boston is a tough city. it's gonna -- folks are angry now. and i think we are going to go out of our way to prove that these bastards picked the wrong city and we are not going to be intimidated.
11:13 am
11:14 am
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11:15 am
what's your policy? >> megyn: desperate search underway for survivors at massive explosion. so powerful it registered as a small earthquake. the blast leveling homes and businesses for blocks. as many as 15 people, perhaps more are feared dead and more than 160 others are injured. ambulances and firefighters itially raced to the scene because there was a fire and then ultimately the explosion came. listen.
11:16 am
>> any authority that's near the fertilizer plant you need to pull back immediately. again, any fire department that is close to the fertilizer plant pull back. attention units, if any of you are still near the rest home you need to evacuate towards the command center. it is still a hot zone. again if i have any units near the rest home, you need to evacuate towards the command center. >> megyn: there are still several firefighters still missing. last hour the texas governor rick perry emphasized much of the information about victims remains and i quote very preliminary. any information on the ricin scare that put the nation on edge yesterday as a mississippi man is charged with threatening the president. lab results confirm at least preliminary results confirm we are told -- this is citing a senior congressional source who is knowledgeable with the case, says it was ricin. that was in a letter mailed to mississippi senator
11:17 am
roger wicker this week. that's the same deadly poison that authorities believe was sent in a letter to president obama. there was a third letter that was sent to a judge in mississippi. both letters were intercepted at screening facilities. and the suspect, whose name we now know and his picture we have paul kevin curtis just appeared in federal court. his lawyer says he is be in the. but the question is how is a guy who moon lights as a elvis impersonators manage to get his hands on a poison so deadly. small drop is lethal to an adult. dr. leonard kohl is expert in bioterrorism and has written the book "the anthrax letters," which covers another bioterrorism scare we had in the wake of 9/11. so, that's the question. how do you get this elvis impersonators who gets his hands on ricin and dropped the it in a letter according to prosecutors to three different lawmakers? >> well, elvis impersonator or not, it's not so difficult to get ricin. but, how you get it and in
11:18 am
what form makes a big difference and whether it's going to be terribly dangerous or not. ricin is a product within a caster bean which comes from the caster plant which is found in nature. if i put a bunch of caster beans on the table there would be ricin on the table. the question is how pure, how refined and in what constituency the powder was? was it light and fluffy so that it would easily float into the air and possibly be inhaled? or was it a more crude mix which, yes, is not a great thing to send to people, not great to swallow or be exposed to but nevertheless, not as dangerous or toxic as one might. >> megyn: this was detected because in the wake of the anthrax scare which took the lives of five people. it was more than a scare. they created an offsite mail facility for the white house and for lawmakers and that offsite facility, these letters never got close to president obama or
11:19 am
the senator defected that these letters had ricin in them or potential ricin in them. how does that work? does that tell you anything about the concentration of ricin that may have been in the letters? >> well, not necessarily. my guess sand i don't have any first-hand knowledge, but the intelligent common sense would be that any letter that comes addressed to a high official in washington or, perhaps, elsewhere, that has powder in it, and perhaps the threat message that you know accompanied this powder would be carefully scrutinized. so that -- whatever the ingredient is would be looked at more carefully than if it were just a routine letter and would not necessarily be screened. >> megyn: is this the kind of thing where people, regular folks out there who worry now, we have had a terrorist attack on the country this week about this happening again. you know, they are screening their mail a little bit more carefully even though this guy has been arrested. you know, we don't know for sure whether he did it or whether there would be copy cats or so on. how can they protect themselves from this thing
11:20 am
thing to say you are suggesting because we had soon after 9/11, in fact, one week later we found that later -- that letters were later found were postmarked september 18th. the first two letters that contained anthrax back in 9/11 time were sent out exactly one week after that is atern, that sense still boston marathon bombing and then somebody says hey, there is ricin around here, is there a tie? my guess is that there is absolutely no tie to those who bombed in boston and those who -- or the individual now who elm voice impersonator. copycats is uncircumstance that happens. others get the idea. is it. >> megyn: is there a way to protect yourself? hold your mail up and look for powder? >> the standard is this. if you have powder or any
11:21 am
ingredient in a letter that you suspect is dangerous and light fluffy form, do not wave it around, put it down. get yourself cleaned and washed off so that there is no residue on your skin. and, of course, you would call both law enforcement and medical authorities to make sure that you personally are all right dr. kohl who has written this book again called the anthrax letters talking about what happened there says to me that he believes there is only a 50.8. >> no, i think it was down to 50.01. >> megyn: 50.01 chance that the man they believed committed that crime who killed himself, military scientist bruce ivins was the one in fact behind it we will talk about that on another day. dr. kohl, thanks for being here. >> thanks for inviting me. >> megyn: coming up, the tragedy in boston inspiring one of the greatest narrow on this writers of all time to change his plans for next april. what bill rogers has in mind now. we are hearing frightening eyewitness accounts what happened when that fertilizer plant exploded last night in texas. wait until you see the story we have next about another texas town that experienced a similar
11:22 am
disaster more than 60 years ago and the horrifying aftermath. [ female announcer ] the only patch for the treatment
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11:25 am
>> loaded with the cargo of explosive. the vessel of liberty ship under the french flag was blasted into bits miles. hurled for a crash. killing two occupants. and the rescue crews work amid peril and the figures were killed and injured rise constantly. >> megyn: well, that was the scene in the town of texas city, texas city, texas and the year was 1947. an accident frightingly similar to the deadly explodes at a plant last night in the texas town of west. trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom with this eerie piece of
11:26 am
history. >> it was actually a french cargo ship that was anchored in texas city, texas. it was carrying 2300 tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer. 66 years ago today a fire broke out on board the ship in the morning. flames were so spectacular that hundreds of people ran down to the shoreline to watch. an hour later the ship exploded. killing almost everyone who was on or near the pier, including the entire texas city fire department. that led to a chain reaction of explosions and fires that killed at least 576. we do not know the exact death toll to this day. it injured more than 5,000 it also damaged or destroyed thousands of buildings. still, the worst industrial u.s. accident in history and consider, this the explosion knocked planes out of the sky. it blew the ship's 3,000-pound anchor two miles away. it blew out windows in houston 50 miles away it
11:27 am
was felt in louisiana 250 miles away. and it caused a 15 food tidal wave in texas city. it led to the first ever class action lawsuit against the government, megyn, and because of that disaster the laws about how you transfer and handle ammonium nitrate have been since changed. as we found out last night when you are dealing with explosives, accidents still happen. >> megyn: those pictures are incredible. what a story. trace, thank you: at this moment we are monitoring the testimony of attorney general eric holder to see if he he gives us any new information on these terrorist attacks in boston. we will bring it to you as it comes in. plus, in the hours and days following the boston marathon bombing, we are seeing inspiring examples of american patriotism. today we will speak with a powerful panel who turned their own losses after the september 11th attacks into their life's mission in some very different ways.
11:28 am
>> our country is resilient. it's things like this that show us how awesome we are. i fought for our country. it makes me proud to fight for my country.
11:29 am
11:30 am
11:31 am
>> boston is a tough city, it's -- folks are angry now. and i think we are going to
11:32 am
go out of our way to proof that these bastards picked the wrong city and we are not going to be intimidated. >> megyn: amen to that boston resident summing up in choice words perhaps what all of the people in boston are feeling after the cowardly and shameful attack at the marathon on monday. the senseless violence is not only triggering a wave of anger. also inspiring a surging vince sense of patriotism in this country. in the days following the tragedy we are witnessing powerful moments of support, heroism, american pride and love, love of country, love of one another. here is one of those moments as thousands of voices joined together for one of the most powerful renditions of the national anthem at the bruins game you will ever hear. [cheers and applause] ♪ o say can you see ♪ by the dawns early light
11:33 am
♪ what so proudly we hailed. [everyone joins in] ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ through the perilous fight. over the ramparts we watched ♪ were so gallantly streaming ♪ and the rockets red glare ♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ that our flag was still there. [cheers and applause] ♪ o say does that
11:34 am
star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ over the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] [chanting u.s.a.] >> megyn: how about that? joining me now debra burlingame, she is the sister of charles burlingame a 9/11 victim and co-founder of the 9/11 families for a safe and
11:35 am
stronger america. also frank stiller who lost his fighter brother stiller. is he a tower to tower organization which is a great, great organization that does so much for the 9/11 families and those still fighting the wars as a result. what a moment, right? we're watching this and debra is tearing up and i'm tearing up. just talk about what that made you feel. >> well, it brought me back to the days after 9/11 when you saw that incredible spirit from the american people. you know, the bombings in boston are something that we have worried about for a long time. i said to my husband, they don't get who we are. they don't understand that you can tear flesh and destroy bone and you can make a mother and father heart broken but you with never penetrate the core of the american people. you can never dilute our character and we are the
11:36 am
best best that we can be in a crisis. that's when americans come together. >> megyn: when you watch that frank, when you see that small example at a sporting event people singing national anthem with every ounce of who they are. it's like they were trying to send a message to the people who did this that as debra put it. you don't get who we are and you never will. >> no. we stand united. this doesn't divide us. it brings us closer together. it doesn't weaken us. it makes us stronger it brings out the greatness of america how we are together, all of america whether you are on the left or the right it doesn't matter, we have to be together. to see this go on in boston, i was actually up there yesterday walking around with some of my firefighter buddies, visiting some firehouses and let them know that they're not alone. that we here from new york, the fire department and all americans are here with them to help them through their time of tragedy. and it's remarkable, the
11:37 am
similarities but america is strong and we will never give in to these s.o.b.'s. >> we didn't after 9/11 which killed 3,000 people. it's not who we are. they don't steam understand it they will keep trying. if that act on 9/11 of 2001 didn't change the bedrock of who we are, what we stand for including freedom, i don't know what will. i want to play for the audience a sound bite of president obama this morning speaking at a church service that memorialized the victims who were killed on monday and those who are suffering with their injuries. listen to the president earlier today. hour prayers are with the injured. so many wounded some gravely. from their beds some are watching today. if you are, know, this as you begin this long journey of recovery, your city is with you, your commonwealth
11:38 am
is is with you, your country is with you, we will all be with you as you learn to stand and walk and yes run again. of that i have no doubt, you will run again. [ applause ] you will run again. >> megyn: you will run again. you know, debra, you can speak to this, and you can, too frank. having lost family members on 9/11. this week a few days after it happened you are devastated and crippled. you stand and walk and do run again and reclaim your life and you remember who you are and what you stand for and what your loved ones did as well. >> well, i would be surprised if the victims and their families are paying attention to any of all of this. but, they will come up for air at some point and this kind of support is crucial.
11:39 am
it saved me, frankly, seeing my fellow americans. and people from all over the world. it is -- it's very, very helpful. as. >> megyn: as we watch, frank, just some of the many images that have come out in this past week. one that stays with me is carlos, the man who had the cowboy hat on who helped one of the victims who had his legs blown off. there was that picture of him next to the guy in the wheelchair. look at him. if you can draw -- look at that blood soaked american flag. he was handing out american flags. his son was killed in iraq in 2004. he tried to take his own life. he was unsuccessful. and he turned it around and winds up showing up at the boston marathon with a bunch of flags to hand out to people. he want -- ended up using one of those flags to help a victim it to me it's emblematic of the type of character that you see in the wake of these tragedies in the united states of america. >> did he that in honor of his son. he was there and able to help because the sacrifice that his son made. and god put him in that position to do something with his life.
11:40 am
and i think that's what's going on here we can't give into these people. we have to turn around and take the goodness and what we can do with our lives to make sure that these people don't beat us and that we stay true to who we are as americans. and do the best that we can. >> megyn: even though we have our divisions over -- there has been so much discussion over homeland security and how far we have gone and civil liberties and so on. especially in the wake of the tragedy reminds us that first we are americans. we stand on the same team. >> correct. >> megyn: we are so lucky toen born here, to have the privileges and the beliefs that we have that makes others hate us. but more of a benefit than it is a detriment on any given day of the week. but you see the people coming together as they don't every day. new york yankees singing sweet caroline which is not the song you usually hear at the yankees games but at
11:41 am
the red sox games. ♪ sweet caroline ♪ whoa, whoa, whoa ♪ good times never seemed to good ♪ i'm inclined ♪ to believe there never was ♪ >> look at that. whoever did this to us, we don't know domestic foreign terrorists, whoever did this to us thought they would break our will. look what they did. look what they did. they brought yankee fans and red sox fans together they create, i feel like a lot of people in the country are feeling that right now. we stand together. you don't divide us. these acts unite us. >> creates defiance. when something this catastrophic and tragic happens, look what happened to these poor people, the savagery of it it makes all the things that don't matter in life fall away. the essence of what does is
11:42 am
what comes up into the forefront of all of our minds. which is it's t. sounds trite but it is brotherly love. it is doing what you can to make a contribution. that's what everybody wants to do in these things. they want to -- how can i help? they want to help. so,. >> and you two are good examples of that because you have devoted much of the past decades plus to helping others who need our help and the tunnel of towers foundation. i love it i do a lot of work with it i'm on the board. they help those who volunteered first the 9/11 families. those who served in iraq and those who served in afghanistan and continue to help first responders who put their lives on the line. that's who we are and what we stand for. i want to show you one image to close out the segment. the picture outside of little martin's house, the 8-year-old boy who was killed and what people decided to post outside of his home in the days after the tragedy. if you can see there. >> peace.
11:43 am
>> peace. >> oh, yeah. >> we will leave it at that debra and frank thank you so much so. >> the i think the boston marathon is going to be bigger and better next year. >> megyn: amen. we'll be right back. ♪ and the home of the brave! [cheers and applause] we went out and asked people a simple question:
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>> megyn: fox news alert. we just got word from boston that the fbi and terror task force will hold a news conference today. regarding the boston marathon investigation why are told that briefing will take place at 5:00 p.m.
11:47 am
eastern time. this is good news because we did not get a briefing yesterday and there was so much confusion about what the eustachian of the case was. they typically have been having regular daily briefings and yet they did not yesterday. there were all sorts of reasons we are told for that in any event we have no reason to believe anything notable will be reported perhaps they want to reach out and let us know the latest or perhaps ask for more of the public's assistance. we have to wait to find out about two hours and 10 minutes from right now you will see it right here on the fox news channel. [explosion] >> are you safe? >> dad, i can't hear. i can't hear. let's get out of here. please, get out of here. >> oh my god. >> please get out of here. please get out of here. oh my god. dad, please get out of here. >> megyn: horrifying images of that massive explosion
11:48 am
in the texas town of west where a fertilizer plant blew up with a force so powerful it leveled businesses and homes in every direction. rescuers are searching ruins for survivors going building to building in the disseminated neighborhood hoping to find people still alive. major dan ford incident commander with the waco salvation army. major ford, thank you so much for being here with us. what you can tell us about the latest? it is 10 of 3:00 eastern time. earlier this morning we were told it was still a search and rescue operation. and now? >> it is still hopefully a search and rescue operation. they are still hoping to find some people. having to go deliberately through the scene as a crime scene until they decide otherwise that it is an industrial accident. they're going house-to-house, block to block.
11:49 am
taking photographs doing the documentation that is needed. to properly do the investigation into what has happened. so, in the process, they are hoping to find people, they are also trying to get people who were -- fell victim to the blast. and identify them and try to get a hold of loved ones. at the community center and library. they are notifying people about their loved ones. >> megyn: have you found anybody in the course of those efforts, have you found anybody trapped in the rubble? people who needed your help? >> not that i know of. as of to this point. they are not really reporting that. they want to keep that, i guess, to -- until they, you know, know who and what they are finding in the disaster zone. >> megyn: what's the status? i can see you there you look like you are at some sort of a staging area. what's happening behind you? >> well, this is a media
11:50 am
center where they are keeping the media across the highway is where the actual blast happened in a 15-block radius that was leveled. a nursing home that was destroyed. as i got there last night, they were evacuating people from the community because of a hazmat scare. they were taking people by e.m.s. to hospitals in waco and temple. and over 150 injured. that were triaged in the community center downtown. we saw many coming in with all the way from, you know, broken bones to lacerations from flying glass in a three-mile radius around. they there were windows blown out of houses. the shear force of the blast must have been unbelievable. >> megyn: wow, registering over 2 on the ricter scale
11:51 am
for earthquakes. major dan ford you have your work cut out for you. thank you, sir. we have been told that a 3:00 p.m. news conference will be happening live out of tension on the latest from there. stay with us. e fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on hisortfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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>> fine reunion for the last surviving member of the dolittle raters, the airmen who bombed tokyo in response to the attacks on pearl harbor. reporter: after pearl harbor the u.s. was desperate to counteract against japan. there was a major problem, problem that did not stop the men known as the do little raiders. at age 97, colonel dick cole is still able to climb the steps of the bomber he jumped from 71
11:55 am
years ago. >> looking down at the black hole, probably the scariest time in the whole flight. [radio] >> 1942, the u.s. military had the ability to launch bombers from an aircraft carrier but did not have the ability to land bombers on an aircraft carrier, a fact all 80 minimum who volunteered for the mission understood. >> that was the name of the game there wasn't any chance of getting back on the carrier. >> once they flopped their bombs, -- dropped their bombs all planes crashed, 69 of the 80 men survived. fewer do little raiders are
11:56 am
arrive today. >> that's one of the purpose of the reunions is to remember the other people that are not here in person but here in here. >> that tokyo raid may not have done much military damage but was a huge morale boost for the u.s. >> we could get new details on the bombing in boston as there is another news conference at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. we were told earlier new information is coming. it's just a matter of when. stay tuned.
11:57 am
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